Love Story

The LoveVase concept started growing in me the day I met my husband. He appeared unexpectedly out of the blue. The man who would shake my world and change everything. My husband. My forever love. He proposed shortly into our relationship and it felt right. Still I had fears. My biggest one was divorce. Surely or rather hopefully, every single person leaving their partner they once loved had the feeling I had. The feeling where it just seems so right to be with that person that nothing else makes sense. Nothing else feels right. So what happened to these people now so eager to break their home and leave their once so loved partner. Of course I knew that life happens, people change and any number of things can make a couple break up. I just did not want this to happen to me and the man I love. 

We were fortunate to go on a very long honeymoon after getting married. As part of this we went on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. A very spiritual journey for both of us. It was here that the idea of LoveVase first came to me. To somehow save the precious moments that we shared, the intense love that we felt for each other and to this day still feel. To write it on a piece of paper and hold on to it. So if the day came where we started to grow apart or thought of leaving each other, we would re-read the notes and be granted a second chance at love. 


Happily ever after is now no longer a fairytale for me, it is a choice. My choice.