LoveVase Kids- Baby Shower Gift

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Children are always curious about their personalities when they were young. They crave information about events and people when they were small and they need your help to remember. A lot of parents regret not writing these memories down. 

You can help your child by writing about their personalities, early development, teen years and more. You can express love, encouragement, appreciation, concern and understanding through LoveVase kids. You are giving your child memories of their childhood kept in this beautiful keepsake. LoveVase kids is a priceless gift to your child for their wedding, going off to college, becoming a parent or any other occasion. 

This product is made from the finest clay by a small family owned and operated ceramics factory in Galegos Santa Maria, just outside of Barcelos in Northern Portugal. All of our products are 100% sweat shop free and ethically sourced.
The notes can be accessed through a rubber stopper at the bottom of LoveVase kids.
No compromise has been made on the quality of this product. It is entirely hand made and every single item is special. 
Material: Splipcast glazed earthenware
Approximate size: 16 cm high and 14 cm wide or 6.3 inches high and 5.5 inches wide
This item comes in a beautiful box with 1 set of notes with 50 pages. 
You can order more notes in our shop.

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